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  • chongqing dima industry co.,ltd
  • chongqing dima industry co.,ltd
  • chongqing dima industry co.,ltd
  • chongqing dima industry co.,ltd
  • chongqing dima industry co.,ltd
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter, Trading Company
Brands DIMA No. of Employees 800~1000
Annual Sales 1.2BILLION-1.5 BILLION Year Established 1997
Export p.c 60% - 70%
Dima Industry, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dima Holdings, was founded in 1997. It is a standard implementation
enterprise for the national integration of information technology and industrialization and has earned the title China
Special Vehicle Excellent Enterprise on the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. It has applied for and obtained
more than 100 national patents, specializing on providing customers with intelligent and safe special vehicles and an
emergency management platform. Currently, Dima Industry owns three product segments: bullet-proof vehicles,
integrated special vehicles, and airport ground support equipment. The company’s products are widely applied to
cash-in-transit, public security and firefighting, State Grid, aviation with strong comprehensive strength and feature-
rich products.
As a leading manufacturer of special-purpose vehicles in China, Dima Industry’s products are exported to 34
countries and regions inAsia,Africa,Americas, and Europe. We have served important activities at home and abroad.
We were present at the 2008 Olympic Games, Hangzhou G20 Summit, and Xiamen International BRICS Conference,
Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the PRC Foundation and play an important role in many emergency rescue

1. 1997:Dima’s predecessor, Chongqing Zhongqi Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd, was established. Successfully introduced and localized banknote trucks from Hong Kong.

2. 1998-2000 Named as a high-tech enterprise in Chongqing.Completed shareholding reforms and established Chongqing Dima Industrial Co., Ltd.

3. 2001-2002 Dima shares listed successfully on the Shanghai Stock Exchange with the stock code of 600565.Named by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a national key high-tech enterprise.

4. 2003-2004 Officially began construction at the new plant area in Chayuan, and multiple new plants were put into use.Exported bulletproof banknote trucks to Africa as a national gift.

5. 2006 Established “Chongqing Southern Dima” in joint venture with China South Motors and Chongqing Dajiang Group.Delivered the first emergency communication vehicle and TV OB van to customers.


6. 2008 Dima’s “Olympic torch relay satellite support vehicles” and CCTV Olympics broadcasting vehicles utilized in multiple locations; served the Beijing Olympic Games with nearly 100 specialized Dima vehicles.Served in the relief of 5/12 Wenchuan Earthquake with a wide varity of specialized Dima emergency vehicles.

7. 2009-2010 Acquired the Shenzhen Techking Industry Co., Ltd., entering the civil aviation ground service field.Undertook the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s core network VIST’s special communication vehicle project. Postdoctoral workstation approved

8. 2011-2012 Established the Dima Research Institute.Successfully developed a fully domestically-produced automatic anti-riot armored vehicle. Launched the “Dongyin Pass-It-On” public support program.

9. 2015 Successfully served the Shenzhen Fire Supervision and Management Brigade by using China's first holographic technology (VR, CR) information transmission vehicle.Participated in communication support for the 8/12 Tianjin explosion & fire through Dima satellite communication command vehicles.

10. 2016-2017 Provided the Hangzhou G20 Summit with VIP airport passenger stairs, full-band interference vehicles, and logistical support vehicles.Jointly established Dixingtian with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

11. 2018 Published company’s latest five-year strategic plan, focusing on the field of emergency security field to transition from being a special vehicle integrator to an emergency platform management service provider.Won the title of “Excellent Enterprise in the Special Vehicle Industry”. Dima’s bulletproof banknote trucks reached 20-consecutive-year-mark of holding first place in market share; first new-energy banknote truck successfully launched.

12. 2019 Passed the national informatization and industrialization integration management system certification.Participated in the drafting of national standards for “emergency communication & command fire trucks”. Approved for participation in “RH” national scientific research projects.
















Aftersales Service System and Letter of Commitment

  • Letter of Commitment on Aftersales Service


Supplier: Chongqing Dima Industry Limited Liability Company


In order to ensure that the buyer use Dima vehicle correctly and make clear the rights and obligations of both parties during vehicle maintenance and repair, through both parties’ negotiation, the following agreement on aftersales service is made and entered into between the two parties:

1. The parts that aren’t modified in the vehicle the buyer purchased enjoys the quality assurance period & scope stipulated in Operating Instruction and Guarantee Manual and various free or favorable aftersales service activities offered by chassis manufacturer.

2. Within twelve months from the day when the customer purchases the vehicle or total running period of 30,000 km (whichever occurs first), the quality problem of the modified parts due to the supplier’s design, manufacture and materials will be solved free of charge according to Dima Vehicle Guarantee Manual.

3. The quality fault of the non-modified part will be dealt with by the authorized special repair stations of chassis producer according to the stipulations of guarantee. The supplier must coordinate the relationship between the buyer and chassis manufacturer & special repair station.

4. For the quality fault of the modified part, the aftersales representatives or authorized special repair stations will provide repair service.

5. If the warranty period and scope are exceeded, the supper will provide paid services and labor cost and material fee will be paid.

6. The buyer should use and maintain his (or her) vehicle according to Operating Instruction and Guarantee Manual.

7. The supplier establishes the customers’ files and revisiting system, designates the full-time service personnel, offers a revisit, technical consultation and training for the clients once a season and check aperiodically.

8. The buyer should provide the feedback on the vehicle to supplier and coordinates various aftersales service activities so as to improve continuously the product quality and service level.

9. The maintenance mode of the supplier: repair at the authorized special repair station and drop-in service. If the client’s vehicle can run normally and has no safety hidden trouble, the maintenance should be carried out at the authorized special repair station.

10. If the client’s vehicle can’t run normally and some safety hidden troubles exist, the supplier can entrust the authorized special repair station to provide drop-in service. But for the quality fault beyond the free repair scope or period, the client should bear the corresponding charges.

11. Time limit of door-to-door repair service: On receiving the advice about the trouble of vehicle, the supplier’s service network should respond by telephone, fax or E-mail within 2 hours. The maintenance man will arrive at the scene within 8 hours if necessary. At the scene, the minor failure will be eliminated within 12 hours and the complicate fault within 24 hours.

12. The supplier’s service hotline: 8008070898 and 023/89021610. The timely service will be offered for the clients.

13. The unmentioned issues in the document will be settled by way of amicable negotiation of both parties. In case no settlement can be reached, the case at issue shall then be brought to the people’s court in the place where the supplier is.

Our Team
  • Municipal Engineering Technology Research Center
  • Bringing together outstanding talent across the special vehicle, communications, emergency security, fire protection, Electric Vehicle, and new material fields from the top domestic scientific research institutions, such as the Beijing Institute of Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Chongqing University, and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.
  • 50% of staff hold senior profession titles, including doctorates, master’s
  • Postdoctoral Station