Valuables Escort Transport 2.499L Cash In Transit Vehicles

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHONGQING, CHINA
Brand Name: DIMA
Certification: CCC, ISO
Model Number: DMT5042XYCB2
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: By negociation
Delivery Time: 1 Month
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000Units/Year
Product Name: DMT5042XYCB2Armored Cash In Transit Vehicle Drive Type: 4X2
Bulletproof Level: B4-B5 Engine Model: SC25R136.1Q5, High Pressure, Common Rail, Supercharged And Intercooled Diesel Engine
Banknote Box Volume(M3): 3.7(Mid-roof, Double Layer Rear Door), 4.2(Mid-roof, Single Layer Rear Door), 3.1(flat-roof, Double Layer Rear Door), 3.7(flat-roof, Single Layer Rear Door) Displacement: 2.499
GPS Tracking: Yes Monitoring System: Yes
High Light:

B6 cash in transit cars


4x2 bulletproof vans


2.499L bulletproof vans

Valuables Escort Transport Bulletproof Cash Carrier For Bank Or Security Firm



Dima Bulletproof Cash Car is based on the selection of excellent chassis manufacture in China and abroad, and in cooperation with chassis manufacturers to develop special reinforced chassis, added a special bulletproof and anti-riot structure, constructed specific functions, equipped with a variety of auxiliary facilities The banknote transport vehicle with comprehensive bulletproof, anti-riot and anti-hijacking capabilities developed and integrated through the integration of electrical systems. Dima‘s modified bullet-proof banknote transporter has the characteristics of high reliability, strong carrying capacity, and good operation stability

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Feature Performances: 


1. The side door of the escort compartment is changed from a sliding door to a side-opening door structure, and special strengthening treatment is made, which is convenient and reliable to open and close, and has a longer life. It completely solves the problem that the side door of the escort compartment uses a sliding door to fall easily. In an emergency, it can also be used as a bulletproof shield to protect against powerful enemies;


2. The electric lifting bill transfer holes on the left and right sides of the cab can usually facilitate the transfer of bills and crossing bridges, and can be used as a shooting hole for self-defense in an emergency; the hidden shooting holes on the left and right sides of the escort cabin are convenient to return;


3. The color dual camera monitoring system can monitor the inside of the banknote compartment and the rear of the rear of the car at any time. It automatically switches to the rear view when reversing, which is convenient for the driver to understand the situation of the rear of the car. monitor;


4. The audible and visual alarm of the tailgate accidentally opens, which can monitor the condition of the tailgate at any time. When the tailgate unexpectedly opens, the driver can be prompted by sound and light to deal with it in time;


5. The front door of the banknote compartment adopts the middle sliding door, and the rear door adopts the outside opening door. Improve the actual use volume of the banknote compartment to facilitate the loading and unloading of banknotes;


6. The front and rear doors of the banknote compartment are equipped with a limit device after opening the door to ensure that the vehicle can be easily loaded and unloaded on any road.


7. The rear door of the banknote box adopts a professional four-way multi-bolt synchronous gear linkage lock mechanism, which is flexible and simple in operation and reliable in structure; the front sliding door of the banknote box uses a bump lock and a world lock structure, which is convenient and reliable to close;


8. Forced ventilation and ventilation channels in the cockpit, equipped with manual ventilation skylights, enhance air exchange inside and outside the car, and improve comfort;


9. The unique targeted tailgate closing exhaust device makes the tailgate closing easy and reliable;


10. Luxurious interior of driving and escort cabin, style and elegance;


11. Selection of ultra-thin bulletproof steel plate. Fully considering the anti-ballistic performance, vehicle weight reduction requirements and local forming needs, the current thinnest bulletproof steel plate with good plasticity and weldability is used. Compared with conventional lightweight materials, the steel plate has the advantages of strong weather resistance, long service life and no maintenance, which can greatly reduce the user's cost of use;


12. Bulletproof glass selected according to different parts. The front windshield adopts the best optical performance, anti-scratch bulletproof glass, and the side window part uses ultra-thin new SPC plate type bulletproof glass, which has strong bulletproof and anti-riot capabilities and good optical performance.



Main technical parameters:


Model DMT5042XYCVB2
Chassis/Manufacture company SH6521A2D5/MAXUS
Drive system 4×2

Overall dimensions

L×W×H mm

4950/5085(With Front bumper)/ 5180(With front and rear bumper)×1998×2400/2200(flat roof)

Banknote box dimensions

L×W×H mm

1430(Single layer rear door), 1260(Double layer rear door)×1760×1680, 1465(flat roof)
Volume 3.7(Mid-roof, double layer rear door), 4.2(Mid-roof, single layer rear door), 3.1(flat-roof, double layer rear door), 3.7(flat-roof, single layer rear door)
Curb weight (kg) 2540
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 3800
Rated load (including the crew) (kg) 1260
Rated passengers 2+3,3+3
Engine model SC25R136.1Q5, high pressure, common rail, supercharged and intercooled diesel engine
Displacement (L) 2.499
Maximum net power(Kw/r/min) 100/3800
Maximum torque(N.m/r/min) 330/2800
Tread(Front/Rear)(mm) 1734/1728
Wheelbase(mm) 3100
Maximum speed (Km / h) 150
Ground clearance 170
Tire specifications 215/75R16LT
Bulletproof level B4-B5
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