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Overcome the difficulties, Keep Improving

June 19, 2020

Overcome the difficulties, Keep Improving


In 2020, the epidemic of new coronavirus affects hundreds of millions of people, and the whole country has also taken many measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic. To strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic and stop the spread of the epidemic, the company has taken a number of measures to actively do the epidemic prevention work, effectively guarantee The normal operation of production was completed. In the epidemic situation, our DOS promotion work has never been dropped. DOS improvement activities in various workshops are in full swing, and the continuous improvement culture is further reflected in the company. In order to improve paint quality, reduce scrap, rework and repair rates, and reduce the cost of poor quality, the paint shop started the paint quality "tough fight." The workshop director Li Zhaomin compiled the "Detailed Assessment Rules for Painting Workshop Teams", and trained front-line employees in accordance with the rules to reshape the employees' quality awareness; implement the process self-inspection responsibility system, and implement the quality responsibility to the process, to the team, Implemented to every employee.

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In order to improve the physical quality of the product, the paint shop sorted out more than 10 kinds of various quality problems over the years, and established a QC project tough team to solve it. The workshop uses free time to organize team leaders and front-line employees to learn quality standards and process requirements, and conduct on-site practical drills. In the first quarter, on-site OPL training was organized 5 times, with a training coverage rate of 100%; The quality commissioner and team leader of the workshop scheduling organization check the implementation of the self-mutual inspection of each process, and verify the self-mutual inspection with the actual quality, and perform statistical analysis, tracking and resolution of the recorded quality problems. A total of 37 quality problems were discovered and resolved through process self-inspection during the quarter, and the qualified rate of workshop product delivery reached 90%, an increase of 5 percentage points compared with the same period.

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Other workshops are not willing to show weakness, and actively use spare time to improve DOS. The machine shop classifies the materials of each process and clearly marks them, which is convenient for employees to quickly access, the workshop is organized and the operations are smoother; the information platform is used to establish a database of drawings, which is convenient for employees to quickly query and retrieve and reduce the errors caused by drawings. Loss of rework improves operation efficiency. The sheet metal workshop sorts out the blanking operation area, classifies the rectangular tube residual materials, and formulates digestion and utilization measures according to the order requirements to save costs. The assembly shop re-planned the two sides of the visit channel, adding corporate culture, product introduction, honor wall, float display, etc., to enrich the workshop culture and enhance the cohesion of employees; not only that, the general transfer workshop also established a DOS model team of electricians, Re-adjust the regional layout according to the process flow, sort out the line-side material types and determine the quota, improve the electric box work table to facilitate staff operation, design and manufacture off-line work table to improve efficiency, etc. In addition to the daily DOS improvement work, the workshops and modules also actively carry out training to improve the professional skills and awareness of employees, and tap and train the "Dima craftsman" team. A total of 15 trainings were conducted in the first quarter, with 116 trainees. The training content included professional skills, quality management, production management, 5S and so on.


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The training includes 116 trainees. The training content includes professional skills, quality management, production management, 5S and so on. The DOS operating system emphasizes that the wisdom and creativity of employees are regarded as the company's precious wealth and the driving force for future development, which reflects the spirit that employees are the owners of the company. Through continuous promotion of the DOS operating system, we can fully mobilize the initiative of employees to improve independently and enhance corporate cohesion. The DOS operating system should be defined as a brand-new corporate culture, which permeates every link of production as a management concept.