Security Company Use 2.771L Cash In Transit Cars

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHONGQING, CHINA
Brand Name: DIMA
Certification: CCC, ISO
Model Number: DMT5047XYCL3-AM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: By negociation
Delivery Time: 1Month
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000Units/Year
Product Name: DMT5047XYCL3-AM Armored Cash In Transit Vehicle Drive Type: 4X2
Bulletproof Level: B4-B5 Engine Model: JX493ZLQ6 Supercharged Intercooled, High Pressure Common Rail Diesel Engine
Banknote Box Volume(M3): 4.7/4.2; 4.5/4.1; 3.9/3.5(according To Vehicle Body Dimension) Displacement(L): 2.771
GPS Tracking: Yes Monitoring System: Yes
High Light:

armored cit vehicles


2.771L Cash In Transit Cars


2.771L cash in transit trucks

Bank And Security Company Use Money Transporter For Valuable Things Escort Transport With GPS And Monitoring System




The Dima MT5047XYCL3-AM Armored cash in transit vehicle is made by adopting JMC Transit's special reinforced chassis. The appearance of the vehicle is smooth and beautiful. It is equipped with cockpit, escort cabin and banknote cabin. The cockpit and the escort cabin are bulletproof on all four sides. The cockpit is provided with bill transfer holes, the escort cabin has shooting holes on both sides, and is equipped with a color dual camera monitoring system. The whole car has left and right front doors, a sliding door on the right side, a front sliding door of the cash box, a rear safety door of the cash box, and a double rear door.

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Performance features:


1. Adopt JMC Transit's special reinforced chassis, which is directly strengthened by the chassis manufacturer according to our needs and specially provided to us. Reliable performance behind the cash transport truck, strong carrying capacity, good operating stability


2. The first side door of the escort compartment was changed from a sliding door to a side-opening door structure, and a special strengthening treatment was made. It is convenient to open and close, reliable, and has a longer life. It completely solves the problem that the sliding door of the escort compartment is easy to fall. In an emergency, it can also be used as a bulletproof shield to protect against powerful enemies


3. Strengthen the door column and add auxiliary support to the door lock of the body to prevent the door from falling and ensure that the door can be opened and closed flexibly


4. The cover of the whole vehicle, the guard board of the banknote transport box, and the internal reinforcing ribs are all made by die stamping and spot welding processes; the body structure has good strength and high surface quality. The bulletproof steel plate is cut and cut with a laser numerical control machine tool to ensure the product's anti-ballistic performance and assembly consistency


5. The component assembly adopts the overall cathodic electrophoresis anti-rust treatment, combined with the local body spot repair and scraping ash and dry grinding process, which improves the anti-corrosion performance of the vehicle and extends the life of the car body.


6. Selection of ultra-thin bulletproof steel plate (2.2mm). Fully considering the anti-ballistic performance, vehicle weight reduction requirements and local forming needs, the current thinnest bulletproof steel plate with good plasticity and weldability is used. Compared with conventional lightweight materials, the steel plate has the advantages of strong weather resistance, long service life, and no need for maintenance, which can greatly reduce the user's cost of use.


7. Bulletproof glass selected according to different parts. The front windshield adopts the best optical performance, anti-scratch bulletproof glass, and the side window part uses ultra-thin new SPC plate type bulletproof glass, which has strong bulletproof and anti-riot capabilities and good optical performance.



Main technical parameters


Model DMT5046XYCL3-AM
Chassis/Manufacture company JX6490T-L6 Type II chassis/JMC
Drive system 4×2

Overall dimensions

L×W×H mm

5612(Without Front bumper)/5760(With front and rear bumper)

× 2080× 2280(Original mid-roof)

5612(Without Front bumper)/5760(With front and rear bumper)

× 2080×2240(Self-made mid-roof)

5612(Without Front bumper)/5760(With front and rear bumper)

× 2080×2140(Flat roof)

Banknote box dimensions

L×W×H mm

1950×1720×1410(single layer door)/1760×1720×1410(double layer door)(Original mid-roof)

1950×1720×1360(single layer door)/1760×1720×1360(double layer door)(Self-made mid-roof)

1950×1720×1160(single layer door)/1760×1720×1160(double layer door)(Flat roof)



4.7(single layer door)/4.2(double layer door)(Original mid-roof)

4.5(single layer door)/4.1(double layer door)(Self-made mid-roof)

3.9(single layer door)/3.5(double layer door)(Flat roof)

Curb weight (kg) 2720(single layer door), 2810(double layer door)
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 4000
Rated load (including the crew) (kg) 1280(Single layer door), 1190(short vehicle body)
Rated passengers 3+2,3+3,2+3
Engine model JX493ZLQ6 supercharged intercooled, high pressure common rail diesel engine
Displacement (L) 2.771
Maximum power(Kw/r/min) 85/3200
Maximum torque(N.m/r/min) 285/2000
Tread(Front/Rear)(mm) 1700/1645
Wheelbase(mm) 3570
Maximum speed (Km / h) 120
Tire specifications 185/75 R16C
Bulletproof level B4-B6
Optional configuration: double-layer double-open rear door; double-layer single-open rear door; double-layer single-open rear door; double-open rear insurance door(rear open door should be double opened)
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