Riots Control B6 Army Personnel Carrier

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHONGQING, CHINA
Brand Name: DIMA
Certification: CCC, ISO
Model Number: DMT5111XFB
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: By negociation
Delivery Time: 1 Month
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000Units/Year
Product Name: DMT5111XFB Armored Personnel Carrier Drive Type: 4x4
Bulletproof Level: B4-B6 Overall Dimensions L×W×H (mm): 5950×2485×2350
Maximum Speed (Km / H): 125 Body Bulletproof Steel Plate(mm): 5,8
Seating Capacity: 10-12 Monitoring System: Yes
High Light:

apc armoured personnel carrier


B6 anti personnel carrier


B6 Army Personnel Carrier

Armored Person Carrier High Bulletproof Explosion-Proof Capability Special Vehicle



1. Product Description

The DMT5111XFB armored personnel carrier was modified on the Dongfeng EQ2111MCTYB, with a powerful and domineering appearance. The whole vehicle adopts a full-bearing bullet-proof body, and the bottom plate adopts a lightning-proof "V" structure design. The vehicle has higher bulletproof and explosion-proof capabilities and high mobility.
There are 3 doors in the vehicle, special heavy-duty door locks are installed, side-opening hinge structure is adopted, and movable steps are provided under each door to facilitate people to get up and down quickly. The front block adopts two pieces of bullet-proof glass to open the field of vision, and also has the function of electric heating defrosting and defogging; reasonable use of space, which can carry 10-12 people and related accessories; equipped with high-power double evaporator cooling and heating air-conditioning system, so that drivers Comfortable seating in different environments; vehicle protection performance: 5mm bulletproof steel plates are used for the engine compartment and roof, 8mm bulletproof steel plates are used around the passenger area and the floor, and detachable strong protection schemes can be installed on the left and right sides. The 53-type 7.62mm armor-piercing projectile at 100 meters reaches the European EN1063 standard B6 + level, and its overall comprehensive performance ranks among the leading domestic similar products.
The vehicle is mainly suitable for the needs of international and domestic (police, armed police, special police) forces for maintaining domestic social order, combating terrorist activities, and handling various group emergencies, to achieve on-site command, (border defense) patrols, troop transport, and medical ambulance , Special services such as special services. According to different needs, it can also be converted into other special anti-riot armored special vehicles.



Main parameter table

Description Parameter Remark

Overall dimensions

L×W×H (mm)

5950×2485×2350 To the roof
Wheelbase(mm) 3700  
Drive system 4×4  
Tread(Front/Rear)(mm) 2006/2006  
Front/Rear Suspension(mm) 1050/1200  
Curb weight (kg) ≤8700  
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 11000  
Maximum speed (Km / h) 125  
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 400  
Approach angle(°) 49  
Departure angle(°) 45  
Longitudinal pass angle(°) 31  
Static rollover angle(°) 35  
Maximum grade(%) 60%  
Maximum driving side slope(%) 40%  
Wading depth(mm) 1200  
Rated passengers(Person) 2+8

2 people in front of the co-driver and 8 people in the rear;

Rear occupant: 10-12 seats can be taken with a row of seats

Body bulletproof steel plate(mm) 5,8 The main material around the body is 8mm, the top is 5mm, and the four sides can resist the 53-type 7.62mm armor-piercing projectile at 100 meters.
Minimum turning diameter m ≯16  
Working temperature(℃) -41~+46  
Storage temperature ℃ -43~+65  
Altitude adaptability When the altitude is less than or equal to 3000m, the engine power drops ≯10%, and it can work normally at an altitude of 5000m


2. Main features
1. The full-time four-wheel drive system, the main speed reducer is equipped with a Tossen-type adaptive limited-slip differential device, a disconnected drive axle, and strong off-road performance.
2. The 6AT automatic gearbox is easier to operate, and the maximum speed can reach 125km / h.
3. Dual-circuit air-top oil disc brake system and central parking brake system, equipped with ABS system, equipped with lightweight three-body split inner support body bulletproof tires.
4. The vehicle adopts molded interior, humanized design, concise and elegant.

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Access cover

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Shooting hole

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5. Local details :

Driving door

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Communication cabinet

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Fuel tank or bucket

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