Onshore Model Explosion Proof Intelligent Fire Fighting Detector Robot

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHONGQING, CHINA
Brand Name: DIMA
Certification: CCC/ISO
Model Number: RXR-MC80BD-DM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Unit
Price: By negociation
Delivery Time: 60 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000Unit/year
Structure Pattern: All-terrain Crawler Type Extinguishant Type: Water Or Foam
Dimensions: ≤1960×960×1518mm Rated Operating Pressure: 0.54Mpa
Overall Weight: ≤730kg Operating Pressure Range: 0.54-1.6Mpa
Power Mode: Electric Drive Max. Speed: 0~1.6m/s

Onshore Model - Explosion-Proof Intelligent Fire-Fighting Detector Robot
RXR-MC80BD-DM Explosion-Proof Intelligent Fire-Fighting Detector Robot
With major functions of fire-fighting and reconnaissance, it is professionally designed with outstanding performance advantages such as explosion protection, fire source tracing, and autonomous walking. It can replace firemen to enter dangerous fire sites which are flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful, and easy to collapse to conduct rapid environmental reconnaissance, accurate fire suppression, and accurate rescue decision-making. The remote control / automatic function can realize the combination of ordinary and military application. In the military application, remote control function is primary, followed by automatic function, and in ordinary application, automatic function is primary, followed by remote control, improving the equipment utilization. It is especially suitable for rescue in explosive environments such as energy and chemical industry, subway tunnel and confined narrow space, so as to effectively guarantee the life safety of rescue personnel.
Onshore Model  Explosion Proof Intelligent Fire Fighting Detector Robot 0
Product Advantages
Explosion-proof design - the explosion-proof performance of the equipment is not lower than Exd[ib]IIBT4Gb;
Fire source tracing - automatically identify the fire source, and interlink the fire monitor to accurately extinguish the fire;
Automatic extinguishing and cooling mode - pre-set the fire monitor with one button to set tracking, cooling and fire extinguishing;
Automatic walking - adopt automatic walking design based on multi-sensor fusion technology;
Automatic obstacle avoidance - automatically identify obstacles for active protection;
Two-way voice - realize on-site voice collection, calling, and automatic voice broadcast;
Interconnection communication - transmit all data through the 4G/5G network to the command center for comprehensive command;
Remote diagnosis - remotely diagnose the operating status and parameters of the robot in real time;
Redundant control - adopt patented control system design to ensure the stability and reliability of the control system;
Redundant communication - adopt advanced wireless communication technology to realize strong anti-electromagnetic interference capacity;
Remote monitoring - transmit back environmental images, toxic and harmful gas parameters, temperature and humidity and other parameters in real time;
Strong tractive force - able to draw two ∅ 80 fire hoses filled with water with a length of at least 80 m while running;
Automatic lifting - have an automatic lifting platform to collect image, information and environmental parameters of different heights;
Modular design - adopt patented forward-backward turning design, convenient for repair and interchange of functional modules;
Auxiliary transportation - adopt a design of storage bucket and traction device, with a certain load and traction capacity.
Product Parameters

Major Parameters of Explosion-Proof Intelligent Fire-Fighting Detector Robot
Basic Configuration ParametersFire Monitor Configuration Parameters
Structure PatternAll-terrain crawler typeExtinguishant TypeWater or foam
Dimensions≤1960×960×1518mmRated Operating Pressure0.54Mpa
Overall Weight≤730kgOperating Pressure Range0.54-1.6Mpa
Power ModeElectric driveMax. Flow80L/S
Max. Speed0~1.6m/sMax. Jetting RangeWater ≥ 90 m; foam mixture ≥ 85 m
Max. Obstacle Crossing Capacity220mmSpray Angle≥120°
Gully Crossing Capacity400mmHorizontal Rotation Angle≥348°
Gradeability≥70%Pitching Angle30°~70°
Wading Depth≤400mmVideo Configuration Parameters
Communication DistanceWireless ≥ 1,000 m (open area)Image Resolution1920*1080
Turning RadiusIn-situ turningImage Transmission4 channels (3 channels for visible imaging + 1 channel for thermal imaging)
Continuous Operating Hours≥4hVehicle-mounted PTZHorizontal angle: 360°; pitching angle: ± 90°
IP GradeIP67Image QualityHigh-definition digital image transmission without lag
Loading Capacity≥300KGControl Terminal Configuration Parameters
Traction Capacity2 ∅ 80 fire hoses, 80 m longRemote Control TypeHandheld
Antenna2 flexible antennas
Display10.1" LCD
Continuous Operating Hours6h

Product Configuration

Configuration Sheet of RXR-MC80BD-DM Explosion-Proof Intelligent Fire-Fighting Detector Robot
Autonomous NavigationGNSS  
Image TransmissionPanoramic imaging system  
Infrared camera 
Self-spray CoolingAtomizer 
Anti-collision FunctionLaser obstacle avoidance sensor 
Audible-visual AlarmExplosion-proof audible-visual alarm lamp 
Lighting FunctionExplosion-proof lighting 
Fire Source IdentificationThermal imaging camera  
Fire ExtinguishingImported fire monitor 
Gas TestingCustomized gas, temperature and humidity 
Lifting FunctionLifting system  
Two-way VoicePickup and amplifying system 
Self-programming Fire Extinguishing and CoolingSoftware system  
Remote Fault DiagnosisSoftware system 
Redundant ControlHardware system 
Redundant CommunicationHardware system 
Internet FunctionSoftware system  
Remote Control BoardHandheld mechanical type 
Intelligent Control Panel (including APP)Handheld intelligent type  
Reserved Upgrade InterfaceMachinery / electronics 
CarrierSpecial robot vehicle  



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