Off Road ORV Ford Everest Cash In Transit Vehicles

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHONGQING, CHINA
Brand Name: DIMA
Certification: CCC, ISO
Model Number: DMT5037XYCV
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: By negociation
Delivery Time: 1 Month
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000Units/Year
Product Name: DMT5037XYCV Drive Type: 4X4, 4 Wheel Driven, 4WD
Bulletproof Level: B4-B5 Engine Model: ECOBOOST4G205L Direct Injection Turbocharged Gasoline Engine
Minimum Ground Clearance: 227 Displacement: 1.997
GPS Tracking: Yes Monitoring System: Yes
High Light:

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Armored Cash In Transit Vehicles Off Road ORV Ford Everest Reinforced Chassis With Ultra Thin Bulletproof Steel Plate




It adopts JAC Ford everest 4 wheel-drive chassis, which has strong carrying capacity, good off-road performance and good operation stability. The chassis is Ford technology, high reliability, the chassis has the following advantages:


1) Appearance design, atmospheric hardcore, hexagonal air intake grille, elegant color lines, aerodynamic design;


2) The chassis uses a double-wishbone independent suspension with stabilizer bars, a multi-link overall bridge with watt links and stabilizer bar suspension to reduce tire wear, and can adapt to the road surface, the tire ground area is large, and the ground is suitable it is good;


3) The large-sized wheels are sturdy and wear-resistant, with a wading depth of 800 mm, shock and noise reduction, and have passed global durability tests;


4) 6-speed manual-automatic transmission, 2.0L GTDI 2.2LGTDI gasoline diesel direct injection turbocharged generator, small displacement, high efficiency, low emissions are both energy-saving and environmentally friendly;


5) Chassis with ABS + EBD + ESP, intelligent curve control system, TCS traction control system, HSA hill start assist, reversing imaging system, high-intensity body safety design, improve vehicle and occupant safety performance;


6) Double airbags for front and front passenger seats and knee airbags for drivers, to improve the safety of passengers;

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Performance characteristics

1. Target-designed anti-falling structure of the door. Make the door have extremely high reliability, and further ensure the flexibility of the door opening and closing.


2. Forced ventilation and ventilation channels in the cockpit, equipped with electric ventilation skylights, enhance air exchange inside and outside the car, and improve comfort.


3. The electric lifting bill transfer holes on the left and right sides of the cab can usually facilitate the transfer of bills, crossing roads and bridge costs, and can be used as a shooting hole for rapid self-defense in an emergency; the hidden shooting holes on the left and right sides of the escort cabin are convenient for counterattack.


4. The color dual camera monitoring system can monitor the inside of the banknote compartment and the rear of the car at any time. It automatically switches to the rear view when reversing, which is convenient for the driver to understand the rear of the car. When the banknote compartment is opened, the internal situation of the banknote compartment is forcibly switched. Monitoring; ceiling-mounted display, high degree of integration, good light-proof performance and good visual performance.


5. The audible and visual alarm of the tail gate accidentally opens, which can monitor the situation of the tailgate at any time. When the tailgate unexpectedly opens, the driver can be prompted by sound and light to deal with it in time.


6. The rear door of the banknote compartment is opened outside. Increase the actual use volume of the banknote compartment, and install a limit device after opening the door to ensure that the vehicle is parked on any road surface, and it is convenient to deposit and withdraw money.


7. The rear door of the banknote compartment adopts a professional four-way multi-bolt synchronous gear linkage lock mechanism, which is flexible, simple and reliable in structure; the front sliding door of the banknote compartment adopts the structure of bump lock and world lock, which is convenient and reliable to close.


8. Fully consider the convenience of closing the door. The original rear door closing exhaust device ensures the convenience of closing the rear door and the reliability of locking


9. Selection of ultra-thin bulletproof steel plate. Fully considering the anti-ballistic performance, vehicle weight reduction requirements and local forming needs, the current thinnest bulletproof steel plate with good plasticity and weldability is used. Compared with conventional lightweight materials, the steel plate has the advantages of strong weather resistance, long service life, and no need for maintenance, which can greatly reduce the user's cost of use.


10. Bulletproof glass selected according to different parts. The front windshield adopts the best optical performance, anti-scratch bulletproof glass, and the side window part uses ultra-thin new SPC plate type bulletproof glass, which has strong bulletproof and anti-riot capabilities and good optical performance.


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Main technical parameters


Model DMT5037XYCV
Chassis/Manufacture company JX6490PA5/JAC FORD
Drive system 4×4

Overall dimensions

L×W×H mm


Banknote box dimensions

L×W×H mm

Volume 0.8
Curb weight (kg) 2470
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 2900
Rated load (including the crew) (kg) 430
Rated passengers 5
Engine model ECOBOOST4G205L direct injection turbocharged gasoline engine
Displacement (L) 1.997
Maximum net power(Kw/r/min) 182/5500
Maximum torque(N.m/r/min) 360/4000
Tread(Front/Rear)(mm) 1560/1564
Wheelbase(mm) 2850
Minimum ground clearance 227
Maximum speed (Km / h) 130
Tire specifications 265/65 R17,265/60 R18, 265/50 R20S
Bulletproof level B4-B5
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Contact Details

Phone Number : 86 13590389733