Fire Rescue Food Supply Vehicle For Emergencies Situation

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHONGQING,CHINA
Brand Name: DIMA
Certification: CCC, ISO
Model Number: DMT5150XCCV2
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: By negociation
Delivery Time: 45 working day
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000Units/Year
Product Name: Food Supply Vehicle Chassis Model: ZZ1187N501GF1
Chassis Category: Second Category Dimensions (mm) Length*width*height:: 8750 * 2496 * 3020
Fuel Type:: Diesel Oil Emission Standard:: GB3847-2005, GB17691-2018 National Ⅵ
Displacement (ml)/Power (kw):: 228 / 6870 Number Of Axes:: 2
High Light:

Fire Rescue Food Supply Vehicle


Emergencies Situation Food Supply Vehicle


GB3847-2005 Food Supply Car

Food Supply Vehicle In Emergencies Situation Or Fire Rescue product description

Food Supply Vehicle is suitable for all kinds of rescue units to provide troops with standard meals in time and quickly to ensure the combat capabilities of the troops under the conditions of field training, rescue and disaster relief, and emergency handling. It can provide food for rescuers in the wild, it is mobile around the clock, and has a self-powered power generation system. Provide food and beverage support for rescue commanders, with cooking functions such as steaming, boiling, frying, and frying, which can meet 150 meals at a time.

Fire Rescue Food Supply Vehicle For Emergencies Situation 0

Food Supply Vehicle Its main features are as follows:

● High mobility: self-propelled design, high average speed, can meet the characteristics of rapid response to emergency rescue.

● Strong adaptability: adopt the overall van design, the two sides of the board can be folded up and down flat, the upper side shields the rain and the sun, the lower side increases the operating area, the fuel is diesel, which is economical and efficient; the generator and the mains can be switched mutually use.

● self-sustaining good: with a large capacity fuel tank, water tank life, can meet the long time required to perform the task.

● Comprehensive functions: It can be steamed, boiled and fried, suitable for various eating habits.

● Independent technology: The car refrigerator can be used normally during driving.


Fire Rescue Food Supply Vehicle For Emergencies Situation 1

Food Supply Vehicle Vehicle discription

Food Supply Vehicle  General discription

The chuck wagon tender products using heavy steam HOWO brand ZZ1187N501GF1 truck class chassis platform as a retrofit, the design is completed in accordance with meals in one hour enough for 150 human consumption. The main features are as follows:

 has cooking functions such as steaming, boiling, frying and frying. It can process 150 servings per hour. The standard of meals is: half a catty of staple food per person + four dishes and one soup. and non-staple food processing equipment, stainless steel spice racks, conditioning tables, sinks, etc. are provided in the car, which can wash and cut vegetables, and divide and distribute processed meals.

 stove uses diesel as fuel, which is especially suitable for outdoor use, and is consistent with the chassis oil, which is convenient for logistics. Select advanced automatic diesel gas stove, it has simple operation, high degree of automation, rapid ignition, strong firepower, cooking rice, soup, cooking fast, and the diesel fuel is completely burned without black smoke, and the firepower is adjustable in high, medium and low ranges. , Convenient adjustment and energy saving, economical and environmentally friendly.

 equipped with 160L large- capacity diesel tank and 1000L large- capacity water tank.

 configure a four pairs of temperature refrigerator 840 L Large capacity .

 generator adopts ELEMAX Sawafuji SH13000 Maximum Power: 11.5KW Rated Power: 10.5 kW generator output voltage and frequency stability, is attached to the inside of the skirt , does not occupy the space within the passenger compartment; cable drum with 50 m external power supply, when Do not start the generator when there is external electricity. The external input is automatically converted, that is, the external connection has priority.

 Equipped with vegetable cutters, meat grinders, water purifiers, fly-killing lights, air-conditioning fans and refrigerators .

 cooking car is working, the two sides of the car body are completely open, which has a good ventilation effect and functions as a sunshade; the staff has a larger activity space for easy operation; when the working environment is windy, the left side of the car can be closed (Or right side) compartment board to ensure normal operation.

 car is equipped with two kinds of light, strong and weak, to meet the work needs of normal and emergency situations.

 powerful range hood and exhaust duct are installed on the top of the car, so that the oil fume and fuel waste smoke generated during processing are quickly discharged outside the car to ensure a good environment inside the car.

 sewage is discharged into the sewage tank to protect the on-site environment.

 car is equipped with warning and alarm devices.

Fire Rescue Food Supply Vehicle For Emergencies Situation 2

Food Supply Vehicle ​Chassis

The project selected heavy HOWO brand ZZ1187N501GF1 type truck class chassis platform as a retrofit. The cab has 2 occupants (including the driver), equipped with the original car air conditioning system, beautiful appearance and comfortable ride.

The chassis specifications and main parameters are as follows:

Chassis model: ZZ1187N501GF1
Chassis name: Truck chassis
Chassis trademark: Howo
Chassis category: Second category
Company Name: China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan Truck Co., Ltd.
Dimensions (mm) length*width*height: 8750 * 2496 * 3020
Fuel type: Diesel oil
Emission standard: GB3847-2005, GB17691-2018 National Ⅵ
Engine model and manufacturer: MC07.31-60 China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd.
Displacement (ml)/Power (kw): 228 / 6870
Steering type: steering wheel
Number of axes: 2
Wheelbase (mm): 5000
Total weight (kg): 18000
Curb weight (kg): 5800
The number of passengers in the cab (person): 2
Approach angle/departure angle (°): 19/19
Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 1430/2320
Maximum speed (km/h): 101
Anti-lock brake system:: Have


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