Bulletproof Mobile B6 Armored Bank Vehicles

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHONGQING, CHINA
Brand Name: DIMA
Certification: CCC, ISO
Model Number: DMT5121XYAV
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: By negociation
Delivery Time: 1 Month
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200Units/Year
Product Name: DMT5121XYAV Bulletproof Bank Mobile Vehilce Drive Type: 4×2 Rear-wheel Drive, Rear-wheel Twins
Bulletproof Level: B4-B6 Braking System: Front And Rear Drum Type, The Brake Form Is Dual-circuit Pneumatic Brake
Engine: ISF3.8s5154 Supercharged, Intercooled, High Pressure Common Rail Direct Injection Displacement: Power Steering L
Steering Type: Power Steering Monitoring System: Yes
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B6 Armored Bank Vehicles


B5 Bulletproof Vehicles

Bulletproof Mobile Banking Car With Big LED Enhance Financial Service Convenient




1.  Description


The car is modified with the BJ1129VGJEA-F1 second-class chassis produced by Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. 115kw. The vehicle is divided into cockpit, escort cabin and teller cabin. The vehicle has three cabins and four sides bulletproof. Equipped with power supply system, teller business system, automatic teller system (ATM), communication system, 3G wireless system, multi-scenario recording monitoring system, multimedia audio-visual system, large LED screen display and lifting system, car air conditioning, ventilation escape skylight, etc. .

The mobile banking vehicle has products such as wireless data communication technology, computer networking technology, digital multi-scene video recording monitoring and remote monitoring technology, data hardware and software encryption technology, self-powered technology and vehicle bulletproof and anti-riot technologies.

The mobile bank car can be processed anytime and anywhere: provide real-time online and foreign currency deposits and withdrawals, deposit and exchange, exchange, credit card, settlement, exchange, bond issuance, small deposit mortgage, deposit payment, and collection for units and individuals Expenses and other comprehensive banking services have the functions of emergency backup of business outlets, make up for the shortage of commercial bank outlets, expand business scope, and provide financial services for large gatherings, business activities, and natural disasters. They are also ideal carriers for advertising.

The use of automobile mobile banking will further enhance the level of banking financial services, enhance the functions of banking financial services, and provide a fast-track channel for financial services that connect banks and customers and benefit the public. The vehicle can not only effectively promote the implementation of the comprehensive coverage plan of financial institutions, further improve the convenience, sufficiency and satisfaction of financial services of financial institutions, but also effectively promote the deep development of the "Communications Project".

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Bulletproof Mobile B6 Armored Bank Vehicles 1

2. Chassis specification


Chassis model BJ1129VGJEA-F1
Drive system 4×2 Rear-wheel drive, rear-wheel twins

Overall dimensions

L×W×H mm

Curb weight (kg) 3000
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 11990
Number of people allowed in the cab (person) 3
Engine model ISF3.8s5154
form Supercharged, intercooled, high pressure common rail direct injection
displacement(L) 3.76
Maximum net power(Kw/r/min) 115/2600
Maximum torque(N.m/r/min) 500/1200-1900
Steering Type Power steering
Braking System Front and rear drum type, the brake form is dual-circuit pneumatic brake
Tread(Front/Rear)(mm) 1710/1680
Wheelbase(mm) 3800
Minimum Ground Clearance(mm) 250
Maximum speed (Km / h) 110
Suspension Leaf spring
Tire specifications 8.25-20 16PR,8.25R20 16PR



3. Mobile bank vehicle function introduction


1. Bulletproof function: bulletproof steel plates are added around the vehicle's cockpit, escort cabin and teller cabin (the front windshield and front doors and windows are replaced with bulletproof glass, and the teller window uses bulletproof glass). Equipped with bulletproof devices to effectively ensure the safety of personnel and vehicles.

Bulletproof glass used according to different parts. The front windshield is made of bulletproof glass with the best optical performance and scratch resistance, and the side window is made of ultra-thin new SPC plate type bulletproof glass, which has strong bulletproof and anti-riot capabilities and good optical performance.


Research and application of ultra-thin bulletproof steel plate. Our company has developed the thinnest high-strength alloy bulletproof steel plate on the market in cooperation with domestic scientific research institutes. Light weight and strong bulletproof capability.

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Bulletproof Mobile B6 Armored Bank Vehicles 3


Bulletproof steel plate target sample book

The bulletproof steel plate is cut and cut with a laser numerical control machine tool to ensure the minimum heat affected zone of the cutting edge of the bulletproof steel plate and the consistency of the size of the part; special tooling is used during assembly to ensure the consistency of the assembly.

Electric lifting bill transfer holes are installed on the left and right sides of the cab, which can usually facilitate the transfer of bills and crossing bridges, and can be used as a shooting hole for self-defense in an emergency. The shooting holes are installed on the left and right sides of the escort cabin, which is convenient for returning.

2. Power supply function: The system is equipped with Honda generator, UPS power supply, charger, battery, cable reel, leakage protection device, power supply lightning protection system, mains input socket and AC output socket, etc., can be used according to the situation of the office site , Power generation, UPS inverter power supply 3 power supply modes.

1). Use the onboard cable reel to supply power from external mains.

2). Use the 5KW generator (10kW) in the skirt box to supply power to the entire vehicle equipment.

3) The battery is discharged, and the UPS inverter outputs a regulated AC 220V power supply.

3. Teller function: The car is equipped with two teller operating positions, which are used to install network terminals, password keyboards, teller walkie-talkies, bill printers, magnetic card readers, banknote counters, etc., and cooperate with other facilities of the car to realize banking business Apply on site. (Since the system needs to be compatible and confidential with the customer ’s current equipment, the product needs to be provided by the user)

4. Communication function: The system is equipped with wireless MODEM, wired MODEM, router, telephone reel and other equipment, using the support of public wired local telephone network or wireless mobile communication network to realize the interconnection between the mobile bank car and the bank server, providing banking business mobility Data communication support required for processing functions. (Since the system needs to be compatible and confidential with the customer ’s current equipment, the product needs to be provided by the user)

5. Self-service machine function: The car has reserved ATM self-service machine installation space.

6. Monitoring function: The system is equipped with teller cameras, in-vehicle cameras, external cameras in the business area, rear-view cameras, ATM camera, monitoring display, DVR monitoring host and other equipment, which can monitor and record the whole process of business processing, which is convenient for retrospective.

7. Audio and video playback function: The system is equipped with LED display, industrial computer, power amplifier, broadcast speaker, microphone and other facilities. It can play audio and video data on DVD discs as storage media, and can also carry out on-site amplified speech. The audio and video playback function can be used for on-site corporate image publicity, business introduction, business convening, emergency broadcasting, etc., to achieve multi-purpose mobile bank car.

8. Auxiliary function:

In order to improve the performance of the vehicle in terms of convenience, comfort and safety, the vehicle is also equipped with the following auxiliary facilities:

(1) Vehicle air-conditioning: A set of vehicle-mounted air-conditioning system powered by the original car engine is installed in the escort cabin, which can only be used for cooling while the vehicle is running; a set of water-heating fan heater using engine circulating water for heating is added.

(2) Air conditioner for escort cabin and teller cabin: one set of single refrigeration air conditioner and one set of water-heating heater are installed in escort cabin to improve the working environment of escort cabin. For the northern users, an additional electric heater can be added for heating the escort cabin with external mains electricity in the parking state. The teller cabin adopts Gree split 2P heating and cooling air conditioner. The air conditioner uses generator or city power as the power, which can cool or heat, improve the working environment in the car, and meet the long-term work needs on site.

(3) Ventilation escape skylight: Ventilation and ventilation to keep the air in the car fresh, and can also be used as an escape window if necessary.

(4) Fire extinguisher: improve fire treatment capacity.

(5) Increase the bulletproof delivery holes on the left and right driving doors to facilitate the driver to pass documents, etc., and also shoot criminals from outside.

(6) Smoke alarm: When the smoke concentration in the car exceeds the standard, an alarm indication is provided to ensure the safety of the people in the car.

(7) Alarm: sound warning function.

(8) Safe: deposit of cash, bills, etc.

(9) Riot-proof tires: British explosion-proof tires are adopted to ensure that the tires can still drive safely for a certain distance after flat tires.

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