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380KV 120Kw Power Supply Vehicle For Emergency Communication

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: DIMA
Certification: CCC/ISO
Model Number: QL1070BUHAY
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: By negociation
Delivery Time: 40working day
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000unit/year
Chassis Trademark: Isuzu Chassis Category: Qingling Motors Co., Ltd.
Dimensions (mm) Length*width*height: 7930 *2170 *2370 Fuel Type: Diesel Oil
Emission Standard: GB17691-2018 National Ⅵ Engine Model And Manufacturer: 4HK1-TCG61 Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd
Number Of Axes: 2 Wheelbase (mm): 4478
High Light:

120Kw Power Supply Vehicle


380KV Power Supply Vehicle


4478mm Wheelbase Emergency Communication Vehicle

120 Kw Power Supply Vehicle For Emergency Communications,Rescue


1. Overview

Dima 120kw power supply vehicle uses the Isuzu brand ( QL10 70BUH AY ) produced by Chongqing Qingling Automobile Co., Ltd. as the loading platform of the emergency power supply vehicle, equipped with Cummins 380KV/70KW generator set, and is equipped with intake and exhaust air. Mute system, noise reduction system, power output control system, automatic cable retracting system, etc.

When public emergencies such as natural disasters , accidents, disasters , and social security incidents occur, it can quickly go to the first scene, establish a logistics support system, provide adequate power support, and effectively improve emergency response capabilities and save people’s lives and property. 

2. Vehicle description


2.1. Chassis


Isuzu QL1110ANKACY truck chassis

380KV 120Kw Power Supply Vehicle For Emergency Communication 0

Chassis model: QL1110ANMAY
Chassis name: Truck chassis
Chassis trademark: Isuzu
Chassis category: Second category
Company Name: Qingling Motors Co., Ltd.
Dimensions (mm) length*width*height: 7930 *2170 *2370
Fuel type: Diesel oil
Emission standard: GB17691-2018 National Ⅵ
Engine model and manufacturer: 4HK1-TCG61 Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd.    
Displacement (ml)/Power (kw): 5193 / 139
Steering type: steering wheel
Number of axes: 2
Wheelbase (mm): 4475
Number of leaf springs: 8/10+6
Tire specifications: 235/75R17.5 16PR
Number of tires: 6
Front/rear wheel track (mm): 1680 /1650
Total weight (kg): 10550
Curb weight (kg): 3460
The number of passengers in the cab (person): 3
Approach angle/departure angle (°): 17/15
Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 1110/2345
Maximum speed (km/h): 110
Anti-lock brake system:: Have



2.2. Vehicle layout

The overall dimensions of the vehicle after the completion of the restructuring are approximately (length×width×height) 7545mm×2290mm×3500mm, which meets the requirements of "Road Vehicle Dimensions, Axle Load and Mass Limits (GB1589-2016)".

2.2.1. Left view

380KV 120Kw Power Supply Vehicle For Emergency Communication 1


The left side of the car body: the front part of the left side of the car body is equipped with a car access door, the upper part of the rear part is equipped with side exhaust and rain-proof blinds, and the upper part of the car body is equipped with a field auxiliary lighting lamp and other devices. In addition, hydraulic outriggers and tool boxes are installed in the lower skirt of the car body.

2.2.2. Right view

380KV 120Kw Power Supply Vehicle For Emergency Communication 2

380KV 120Kw Power Supply Vehicle For Emergency Communication 3


The right side of the car body: the front part of the right side of the car body is equipped with an access door, the middle part is provided with a fuel tank refueling port, the upper part of the back body is provided with side exhaust and rainproof blinds, and the bottom part of the rear part is equipped with an organic group monitoring operation. There is a field auxiliary illuminator and other devices above the door. In addition, an electric fuel pump (optional), input and output interfaces (quick connectors), hydraulic outriggers and control units, grounding reels, electric grounding solders, manual reels and tool boxes are installed in the lower skirt of the car body. And other equipment.

2.2.3. Top view

380KV 120Kw Power Supply Vehicle For Emergency Communication 4

Top of the box body: Set the organic group smoke exhaust and smoke exhaust cover, the design of the smoke exhaust cover adopts the heavy vertical rainproof structure design, that is, when the generator set is working, the smoke exhaust cover is opened by the airflow pressure of the flue gas itself, and the exhaust A limit device is installed on the smoke cover to keep the smoke cover at an angle of 80° with the horizontal plane. When the unit stops working, the pressure of the smoke flow disappears, and the cover body returns to its position by its own gravity. A folding lifting light is installed at the top and rear ends.

Cab (with air-conditioning): installed with a reversing monitoring system and vehicle nameplate.


The whole vehicle uses a steel frame and skin to divide the car body into two compartments, from the rear end to the front end of the car body: the working compartment of the diesel generator set, the exhaust muffler compartment and the cable coil compartment.

Diesel generator set working compartment: equipped with diesel generator set, air intake muffler array, rain-proof electric shutters, non-slip patterned floor, hidden expansion pedal (expanding the space in the car, easy to maintain the unit), filling pump, Refueling pipelines, sewage pipelines, AC and DC anti-riot lighting, three-phase and single-phase power sockets, fire extinguishers and other devices. In order to ensure the passability and overall coordination in the cabin, the fuel tank of the unit is designed to be flush with the floor, and there are concealed grooves for cables and oil pipes around the fuel tank. The cover of the concealed groove adopts a lift-up movable structure for convenience Overhaul of equipment. The bottom and four walls of the unit room are all silently treated. The inner walls of the cabin are covered with thermal insulation and silent cotton. The surface is equipped with perforated metal plates to reduce the cavity resonance noise, which can effectively reduce the noise. The inside of the air inlet silencing chamber is pasted with crest mute cotton. After the air enters from the rain-proof blinds on both sides of the car body and the rear, it passes through the "Z-shaped" silencing grid (with crest cotton on the surface) and rat-proof wire mesh windows Enter the unit working room to minimize the leakage of air inlet noise and unit working noise.

Exhaust muffler cabin: equipped with two-stage composite exhaust muffler, "Z-shaped" muffler grill (surface with wave crest cotton), air outlets on the left and right sides of the car body, external waterproof and dustproof shutters, inside are equipped The rodent-proof steel wire mesh window and the air discharged from the cooling fan of the generator unit are discharged outside the cabin after noise reduction. At the same time, the exhaust air can be used to dissipate the muffler of the unit. The walls of the exhaust noise reduction chamber are covered with thermal insulation and silent cotton, and the surface is equipped with perforated metal plates, which can effectively reduce noise. In addition, in order to facilitate the overhaul and maintenance of the equipment in the anechoic cabin, an access door is provided on the partition corresponding to the cabin.

Cable reel cabin: adopt double-opening door mechanism for cable retracting.

2.2.4. Front and rear view

380KV 120Kw Power Supply Vehicle For Emergency Communication 5





















The left and right sides of the car body: both have side reflective signs and

Side marker lights.

Front end of the car body: set with front marker lights, climbing ladders and air inlet shutters.

Rear end of the car body: equipped with double doors, reversing camera, rear marker light, license plate light, turn signal, brake/rear position light, reversing light, fog light, rear reflective logo, rear bumper, manufacturer logo, model Type identification and other devices.

2.3. Diesel generator set

The 120KW diesel generator set uses Chongqing Dapu Power diesel generator set. It has fast and reliable cold start performance, adopts advanced technology to optimize the combustion process, reduces the cost of continuous load operation, and optimizes the design of shock absorbers, precisely matched superchargers and low-speed cooling fans to reduce the noise of the unit during operation.

Basic parameters of generator set specifications :

Output: 150KVA/120KW

Frequency ( HZ ): 50

Unit model: DPS-120

Unit configuration: Shangchai equipped with Deco

Rated current ( A ): 216

Rated voltage ( V ): 400/230

Unit weight ( Kg ): 1400

Unit size ( mm ): 2850*900*1100

Diesel engine specifications :

Diesel Engine Brand: Shangchai

Diesel engine model: 6HTAA6.5-G32

Diesel engine rated power / standby power ( KW ): 140KW/155KW

Diesel Engine Manufacturer: Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.

Diesel engine structure: in-line, four-stroke, supercharged and intercooled

Diesel engine cooling method: water cooling

Speed ​​control system: electric control

Start mode: 24V electric start

Diesel engine filter system: dry air filter, fuel filter, oil filter

Speed ​​( r/min ): 1500

Number of cylinders - bore diameter×stroke: 6-105*124

Minimum fuel consumption ( g/KW.h ): ≤ 192

Displacement L : 6.5L

Engine oil capacity: 17.5L

Compression ratio: 16:1

Generator specifications

Generator brand: Deco

Rated power ( KW ): 120KW

Model: TCU228M

Generator manufacturer: Anhui Deke Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Excitation method: brushless self-excited

Rated voltage / frequency: 400V/230V , 50Hz

Efficiency ( % ): ≥ 95

Power factor / electric system: 0.8 lag

Steady-state frequency adjustment rate: 0 ~ 5% adjustable

Voltage adjustment range: ± 10%

Insulation class / protection class: H class /IP23

Control system cabinet

Controller box manufacturer: Chongqing Dapu

Controller module model: 6110

Control cabinet type: integrated control cabinet

Controller module manufacturer: Zhongzhi

Circuit breaker: ABB brand

Start-up mode: manual and automatic integration

Start-up time: 0~30 seconds (adjustable)

Measurable display information: voltage, current, speed, frequency, water temperature, oil pressure, power, running time, number of starts, accumulated power, next maintenance time, battery voltage, etc.

Protection function: alarm for start failure; alarm for oil pressure lower than 0.2 MPa; alarm for water temperature higher than 95 ℃; alarm for high oil temperature; alarm for overspeed 1650R/S ; alarm for three-phase voltage over 245V ; alarm for three-phase voltage under 190V Alarm; overload 5-10S shutdown alarm; frequency higher than 55Hz alarm; frequency lower than 47Hz alarm; low oil level alarm and shutdown

Controller box size: 350*250*300(mm)

Contact Details

Phone Number : 86 13590389733