120Ah 257kw 110km/h Camping Vehicle For Handling Emergencies

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: DIMA
Certification: CCC,ISO
Model Number: ZZ5256XXYN504GF1
Warning Light Siren: Interstellar/red Long Row Of Warning Lights And 200W Siren Strobe Light: Interstellar/LTE515, Half Of Red And Blue
360 Degree Panoramic Camera: Custom Made Vehicle Iconic Lamps: Including Marker Lights, Side Marker Lights, Etc.
Install Battery: Maintenance-free 120Ah, 12V Dual Battery Manager: DC24V Dual Battery Manager
Cabinet: Custom/19 Inch Standard Cabinet Number Of Tires: 10
High Light:

110km/H Camping Vehicle


257kw Camping Vehicle


120Ah Emergency Logistics Vehicles

Camping Vehicle For Handling Emergencies And Emergency Logistics Support

Product Overview:

The Dima camping car is a special vehicle developed by our company based on the demand and through the analysis of the camping equipment in the field, which is suitable for handling emergencies and emergency logistics support. It provides special vehicles for transporting rescuers and camping personnel. Rest and accommodation to ensure that attendants maintain effective energy in handling major incidents. The camping car is modified with the chassis of the ZZ5256XXYN504GF1 truck of Sinotruk Shande card, which has good maneuverability, high average speed and good off-road performance. It can satisfy users' quick and convenient characteristics. Similar reference photos are as follows:

Its main features are as follows:

● High maneuverability: adopting the ZZ5256XXYN504GF1 truck chassis design of Sinotruk Shande card, with high average speed and strong passing performance, which can meet the characteristics of various terrains and rapid response.

● Safety guarantee: strengthen thick steel plate, equipped with fire extinguisher in the car.

● Diversified functions: The whole vehicle is equipped with a single camping area and a multi-person camping area to meet different accommodation needs.

● Good comfort: air-conditioning, water dispenser, bathroom with shower function and other life support equipment are installed.


2. Vehicle description

2.1. General description This field camping car product uses the heavy truck Shande card ZZ5256XXYN504GF1 truck chassis as the modification platform. It is equipped with a single camping area, a multi-person camping area and a bathroom with shower function. The main features are as follows:

● The carriages are made of side-drawn square cabins with a large slab process of steel frame and aluminum skin, and filled with flame-retardant, heat-insulating materials.

● Equipped with a set of 50m manual power cable tray for external power supply, when there is external power, there is no need to start the generator. The external input mains and generator are automatically converted, that is, the external connection has priority.

● The car is equipped with two kinds of lights, strong and weak, to meet the work needs of normal and emergency situations, and the body is equipped with night lights to facilitate night work. ● Entrance gates are opened at the front and rear of the carriage for camping personnel to enter and exit. The top of the camping area is equipped with escape skylights to ensure personnel escape needs in an emergency;

● Two sets of single camping areas and an 8-person camping area are placed inside the carriage to meet the accommodation needs of different situations, and can accommodate 10 people at the same time; power sockets are designed next to the beds to charge portable electronic devices, each bed Reading lights, coat hooks, etc. are installed to facilitate storage of personal belongings;

● Install air conditioners in the car to ensure that the car has a suitable temperature in hot and cold weather;

● Equipped with lockers and bedside tables in the car to store personal equipment and belongings;

● The car is equipped with a water dispenser and a car toilet with shower function to provide basic living needs for the residents.

2.2. Configuration table

Serial number product name Specification model unit Quantity
1 Chassis Shantou de ZZ5256XXYN504GF1 Vehicles 1
2 Warning light siren Interstellar/red long row of warning lights and 200W siren set 1
3 Strobe light Interstellar/LTE515, half of red and blue set 1
4 360 degree panoramic camera custom made set 1
5 Vehicle iconic lamps Including marker lights, side marker lights, etc. set 1
6 Car body The custom-made/car body is a square cabin structure with steel frame aluminum skin. Steel beam frame, thermal insulation shelter structure; steel plate material: Q235, box plate material: thermal insulation material. Compartment board material: vehicle tank plate surface with a thickness of 2mm aluminum plate set 1
7 Interior Custom / inner trim using lightweight multilayer trim or leather soft packet processing; flooring laminate flooring set 1
8 Skirt box Custom / skirt with tank flap, door skirt using the aluminum structure, special tire tool welding, Straightening, grinding enclosed box with square pipe welded steel skeleton structure, the bottom of the phosphating tank , the rust qi , corrosion Insulation glue, and then treated with black qi set 1
9 Side pull box transmission mechanism Customized/four-side pull box body and complete set of side pull mechanism, using electric/manual side pull mechanism with complete control system. The bottom of the box body adopts heavy-duty channel steel, special pulleys and sealed bearings. set 1
10 Daylighting window Customized/lighting windows including sliding curtains and screens set 1
11 Get on the car door Customization/The front and rear of the car body are equipped with doors, and the doors have screen windows set 3
12 Get on the ladder Customized/carriage ladder, for residents to enter and exit, with grab rails set 3
13 Stainless steel ladder Custom/tail stainless steel climbing ladder, made of Φ32 stainless round steel, the ladder steps are set into a convex hole type set 1
14 Top guardrail Custom/top guardrail set 1
15 Mains input interface Customized/industrial-grade waterproof plug socket for mains input set 1
16 Manual cable tray Custom/manual cable tray with 50m power cord set 1
17 generator Jet/Car diesel variable frequency silent generator, JTD14is, rated power 12KW station 1
18 Install battery Maintenance-free 120Ah, 12V only 2
19 Dual battery manager DC24V dual battery manager set 1
20 Charge inverter integrated machine Top treasure /CT2040M set 1
twenty one Cabinet Custom/19 inch standard cabinet set 1
twenty two Distribution System Customization/including air switch, meter, leakage protection, contactor, relay, indicator light, etc., with overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit protection, etc. set 1
twenty three Grounding system Customized/including grounding stake, grounding braze, grounding wire set 1
twenty four Vehicle wiring Customized/including vehicle AC and DC wiring set 1
25 air conditioning Hisense/HVR-120W/E2FZBp, one for three set 1
26 Single bed Di Ma / DMWP001, Single bed rest, the size is 2000mm * 1200mm set 2
27 mattress Di Ma / DMWPD001, size is 2000mm * 1200mm, with a single bed rest supporting the use of a mattress made of natural, comfortable, environmentally friendly fabrics Simmons mattress set 2
28 Folding bed Di Ma / DMWP002, bed rest camping areas, dimensions of 2000mm * 700mm, the surface of ultra- fine fabric wrapped mattress with natural, comfortable, environmental fabric spring mattress set 8
29 Bed accessories Customization/Each bed is equipped with five-hole USB sockets, reading lights, coat hooks set 8
30 Vacuum system Zhenchuang/ including integrated vacuum workstation, 1 set of vacuum squatting toilet, 1 set of vacuum toilet, heating components set 1
31 shower head Custom made / 2 bathrooms are equipped with showers set 2
32 Bathroom making Custom-made/waterproof bathroom included. One single room is equipped with a separate toilet, using a vacuum toilet, and the other single room and a multi-person camping area share a public restroom, using a squatting toilet, and a sink, towel rack, vanity mirror, etc. set 2
33 ventilator TYTXRV/DC24V electric with remote touch panel set 2
34 Clean water tank Customized, 304 stainless steel, 400L capacity set 1
35 Sewage tank Customized, 304 stainless steel, capacity 300L set 1
36 Smart water pump Biggap/24VDC 5.3GPM 90PSI set 2
37 Water heater Haier/C6002 set 1
38 Add fuel tank Custom/additional fuel tank with oil level display, 160L set 1
39 Storage equipment cabinet Customized/storage equipment cabinet to meet 10 people's personal daily necessities storage set 1
40 Skylight custom made set 3
41 Interior lighting Custom/in-car AC and DC lighting set 1
42 Drinking fountain Midea/YR1801S-X, lower bucket, used in multi-person camping area set 1
43 Electric tea kettle Golden stove /V7 set 2
43 Induction cooker Supor/C22 set 1
43 Disinfection machine Haier/KJ820F-N800C set 1
44 supporting system Di Ma custom, one leg support 12 tons set 1
45 Outrigger stowage custom made set 1
46 Exterior lighting Interstellar/LTE515, white set 1
47 Fire extinguisher Dry powder, 4Kg set 2
48 On-board equipment Customization/Including air switch, etc. set 1
49 vehicle tools Great Wall Seiko 53-piece set set 1
50 Vehicle miscellaneous accessories Various mounting brackets, connectors, wiring panels, etc. set 1
51 Vehicle exterior paint The paint of the whole vehicle adopts domestic high-quality paint, customized according to user requirements set 1


Company Name China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. Product trademark Shantou de card
Chassis model ZZ5256XXYN504GF1 product name Van Chassis
Chassis category Second category  
Overall dimension length mm 11745 Overall dimension width mm 2496
Dimensions high mm 3 585(Include shroud)  
Total mass kg 25000 Curb weight kg 8350
The number of passengers in the cab 2    
Maximum speed km/h 110 Axle load kg 7000/18000 ( two-axis group )
Front suspension and rear suspension mm 1450/3145
Number of axes 3 Wheelbase mm 5800+1350
Number of tires 10  
Tire specifications 295/80R22.5
Steering Type steering wheel  
Fuel type Diesel oil    
Emission standard GB17691-2018 National Ⅵ  
Engine manufacturer China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. engine model MC07H.35-60
Displacement ml 7360 Engine power kw 257
Anti-lock brake system Have  


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120Ah 257kw 110km/h Camping Vehicle For Handling Emergencies 6

120Ah 257kw 110km/h Camping Vehicle For Handling Emergencies 7

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